2018 June – Grilling for Father’s Day

“The only time
to eat diet food
is while you’re
waiting for the
steak to cook.”

Julia Child


Mothers, you’re on the bench. Father’s you’re up! It’s all the dads’ time to shine … and what’s more dadly than a big, delicious, perfectly grilled steak? Nothing, that’s what. Nothing. Historically, mothers are treated to a lovely afternoon meal out by their families. Fathers though, they like the best steak they can get their hands on. And if the dads in your life are anything like ours, they firmly believe that no restaurant steak is as good as what they can create on their favorite grill. The catch though, is that on Father’s Day WE should be cooking for HIM. So if the thought of attempting to produce a magazine-worthy rib eye for your favorite dad gives you heart palpitations and causes your blood pressure to spike, fear not! We’re here to help!

The first step to grilling your #1 dad the steak he dreams of on his big day is to pick the best cut for his tastes. If he likes a tender steak while watching the health content, filet mignon is what we’d consider. If flavor is what he’s all about and he doesn’t mind a little grizzle here and there, a beautifully marbled rib eye (with or without the bone) will make his whole day. If he lies somewhere in-between the heavy flavor profile while still wanting a softer texture, let us steer you toward the New York Strip. And if you just can’t decide, ask the butcher for a Porterhouse steak … that way he’ll get one filet mignon and one New York Strip, separated by the T-bone. Lucky for you, Jerry’s Foods offers some of the most exquisite steak selections around. Our meat department places great care in providing only the best to our valued customers and our meat department is filled with the best of the best – they’re there to help you make a great choice every time.

Alright, it’s go-time. Get that grill fired up and pre-heated while you work to get your beef cut prepped.

Once you’re ready to put that bad boy on the grill, be sure to pat it dry first. Any excess moisture on the surface will steam-cook the meat when it comes in contact with a hot grill, preventing that delicious surface caramelization. Paper towels will do the trick every time.

You can season your steak with various blends while your grill is heating, though it’s recommended you wait to add salt until just before you’re ready to start cooking. Salt brings moisture to the surface and since we already know we’re going for the delicious char from the point of contact, let’s not do anything to prevent that … like salting the steak too early. Our personal favorite steak seasoning is a light brush of olive oil then sprinkled with salt and pepper. If you want to get fancy, you can add spices like chili powderpaprika, or garlic powder to a rub! If the dad you’re cooking for is anything like ours, he won’t even reach for steak sauce with that seasoning blend!

Alright, your grill is ready, your steak is beautifully seasoned … it’s time. Gently lay your steak down either on the hot grates (if you use a cast iron pan on your grill to sear it, make sure the pan is pre-heated!) and do not, under any circumstances, pick that steak up until browning starts to creep up the edges and it no longer sticks/lifts easily from the grate. Depending on the size of your steak this could take anywhere from five minutes or longer. When it’s time to turn it, be sure to flip it every couple minutes to ensure even cooking.

If the dad you’re grilling for likes a medium-rare steak, the internal temperature reading should reach 135°. If he’s a medium kind of guy, look for your thermometer to read 140°. Finally, if he prefers medium-well beef, 150° is what you’re shooting for. Once you’ve got the desired doneness, remove the steak and bring it in … but keep him away from it for another 10 minutes. Hot steaks don’t retain their juices and start to dry out immediately when cut. If it’s allowed to rest, it’ll result in a juicier and more satisfying meal. Trust us.

Prompt the kids to put away their electronics, wash those hands, grab their homemade cards for dear old dad, and get seated at the dinner table. Serve up the side dishes, and finally, cut into those steaks … making sure to always cut perpendicular to the grain. When you hear him grunt like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, you’ll know you’ve achieved grilled steak perfection this year!