To order any of the party trays below, please call your favorite Jerry’s Foods store and ask for the Deli department:

Please allow 24 hours for pickup or delivery.





Eden Prairie






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Caesar Salad

A Classic Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, and dressing. Available option to add chicken.

Serves: 12-15

Caesar Salad with Chicken

A Classic Caesar Salad with chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, and dressing.

Serves: 12-15

Garden Salad

A fresh mixed Garden Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot, and croutons.
Your choice of dressing.

Serves: 12-15



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Sandwich Tray

Choose your assortment of mini rolls piled high with premium deli meats and cheeses. Choose sliced ham, turkey, roast beef OR our signature chicken, tuna, ham or egg salad spreads. Mini pretzel buns or buffet buns.

16" Serves: 16-18
18" Serves: 24-28

Sandwich Topper Tray

All the fixings to make your sandwiches complete! Sliced tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and pepperocini.

16" Serves: 15-20

Slice Cheese Tray for Sandwiches

Perfect complement to our Meat Lovers Tray.

12" Serves: 15-20
16" Serves: 24-35
18" Serves: 35-45

Hye Roller

Our Premium Deli meats, cheese and veggies rolled up in a soft flatbread make a great light appetizer for your parties. Veggie option available as well.

16" Serves: 15-20
18" Serves: 20-25

Veggie Hye Roller Tray

Veggie version of our Hye Roller Tray.

16" Serves: 15-20
18" Serves: 20-25

Boxed Lunches

Tasty and convenient way to serve lunch for meetings and eatings.

Serves: 1


Meat & Cheese Favorites

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Sliced Meat and Cheese Tray

Fresh sliced ham, turkey, roast beef & salami complemented by sliced swiss & cheddar. Pair with Sandwich Topper Tray to get all the necessary fixings for a sandwich bar.

16" Serves: 20-25
18" Serves: 25-30

Sliced Meat Lover Tray

Create your own delicious combination of our most popular Boar's Head deli meats. Pair with our Sliced Cheese Tray & our Sandwich Topper Tray to get all the fixings for a sandwich bar.

12" Serves: 15-20
16" Serves: 24-35
18" Serves: 35-45

Cracker Snacker Meat and Cheese Tray

Cheese, Crackers and assorted meats - Perfectly cut for the cracker and snacking meat & cheese lovers!

16" Serves: 20-25
18" Serves: 25-35

Customized Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Customized artisan cheese and charcuterie boards make a great table centerpiece. Give us a call and we'll put together a tray that will be sure to make a statement!

Pricing Varies


Fruits and Veggies

fruits and veggie

Fresh Fruit Tray

Best of the Season's fresh fruit served cut and ready to eat.

16" Serves: 25-30
18" Serves: 35-45

Fresh Vegetable Tray

Farm fresh veggies are the perfect appetizer or side dish at every occasion. Serve with one of our Signature Dill or Spinach dips.

16" Serves: 20-24
18" Serves: 25-30

Fruit and Fromage

Hand selected artisan cheeses paired with a perfect assortment of fruits and nuts to delight your guests.

16" Serves: 15-20
18" Serves: 21-25

Fruit, Yogurt & Granola

Your guests can create their own delicious parfait with this tray of fresh berries, yogurt and granola.

16" Serves: 8-12



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Sensational Shrimp

Makes a fantastic and healthy appetizer!

16" Serves: 16-20
18" Serves: 25-40

Big Dipper Bread Boule

Our Signature Spinach or Dill dip complements these fresh crudites.

Serves: 10-15

South of the Border Taco Tray

Treat your taste buds to zesty layers upon layers of cheese, beans, salsa and more. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips!

16" Serves: 15-20
18" Serves: 25-30

Sushi Variety Tray

Choose from a variety of our freshly prepared Sushi platters. We offer combinations of vegetables, cooked or raw items. Our in-house Sushi chef can create a custom party platter with your favorite sushi choices.

Call or visit store for custom order.

Deviled Egg Tray

Freshly prepared Deviled eggs are popular at every gathering. Serve with our Sandwich tray and have your very own picnic!

24 Count

Sandwich Loaf - Edina Only

Jerry's signature sandwich loaf made with your choice of 3 fillings- egg, ham, chicken, or tuna salad.

Serves: 15-20



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Edo Platter

Kobe Platter

Nagano Platter

Niigata Platter

Osaka Platter

Tokyo Platter



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Dessert Bite Tray

An assortment of dessert favorites icluding mini cookies, rice crispy treats, peanut butter crispies, and brownie bites.

18" Serves: 50

Classic Cookie Tray

A classic, heaping tray of an assortment of cookies. Five different kinds of cookies to ensure everyone can enjoy their favorite treat!

12" Tray: 36 Count
18" Tray: 72 Count

Dessert Bars

A tray with a selection of our rich and delicious dessert bars. Variety includes Chocolate Walnut, Cream Cheese, Lemon, and 7 -Layer

Breakfast Bites

Freshly made tray of sweet breakfast bites. Includes donut balls, sweet breads, mini muffins, and croissants. Pair with a Fresh Fruit Tray for a wonderful breakfast option!

18" Serves: 26-30