We carefully hand select the finest quality produce.

Each season our grocers carefully hand select the finest quality fruits, vegetables and herbs to bring Jerry’s Foods customers the freshest, longest-lasting produce selection on the market. Sourced from local and international producers, we offer an array of crisp greens, savory herbs, plump berries, juicy citruses and exotic melons to bring to your family’s table.

Our expert produce clerks are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about rounding out your menu with quality, nutritious fruits and veggies at budget-friendly prices so you’re confident you’re feeding your family the very best. Additionally, recipe cards throughout the department offer helpful hints and suggestions for how to prepare vegetable and fruit dishes that complement popular main courses.

Organic Options

Jerry’s Foods works hard to bring you a varied and affordable selection of USDA certified organic produce. We’re continuously expanding our organic section and strive to carry the healthiest, freshest options available.