Our pantry gives you the benefit of buying whatever quantity of packaged goods you desire, straight from our shelves to yours. And, of course, we have your very own organic and gluten free sections. We stock a large variety of organic and natural foods in the market, along with a rapidly expanding selection of gluten free items to choose from. So, eat up!


What’s in your fridge? Our Dairy Department is really a massive refrigerated foods department, carrying an incredible variety of refrigerated dairy and food products for your next meal. If you’re looking for locally-sourced eggs or farm-fresh milk, then look no further, this is exactly where you want to be.


In our freezer section we capitalize on the fact that the Twin City metro is one of the highest per capita consumers of pizza by carrying over 200 varieties! But, don’t forget about our selection of the finest of ice creams and desserts you will drool over.